Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology

The Department of Automotive Technology, located within the Kansas Technology Center, is recognized by the industry as offering one of the best academic programs in the nation.


Through the Automotive Technology program at PSU, gain advanced diagnostic skills needed to service the complex vehicles of today. Learn more about our program through a  Virtual Automotive Department Tour.

With decades of experience teaching and working in the automotive industry, our faculty are world-renowned teachers and experts in their craft. 

Train on the newest tools and latest equipment found in the industry in 1 of our 7 specialized lab spaces: 

Automotive Technology - 2-Year Lab

Automotive Technology - Collision Lab

Automotive Technology - Diesel Lab

Automotive Technology - 4-Year Lab

Degree Planning and Course Sequence Guides
Automotive Technology Open House Overview
Where can an Automotive degree take you?
Careers and Outlook
  • Why Automotive Technology at Pitt State?
  • Career Options
  • Automotive Employers
  • Diesel & Heavy Equipment Employers
  • Alumni Testimonials

Graduates are highly recruited by leading edge dealerships and corporations
The 2-Year Program is an NATEF-accredited program
The 4-Year Program is considered by the industry as 1 of the top 4 programs of its kind in the country.

Depending upon the area of the country, a corporate starting salary can vary between $35,000 to $60,000 a year. Graduates that accept jobs in small rural communities might start at a lower hourly wage, such as $10 to $15 per hour.

Automotive Career Pathways at Pitt State

Automotive students have a variety of career options.  Follow this link to explore careers in the automotive industry and learn what you can do with a Pitt State Auto Tech degree from fourteen different companies.

2-year Automotive Technology
Company Day

Automotive Company Day

As part of the College of Technology Company Days, the Automotive Department will host Automotive Company Day 2023 on Wednesday, September 20, 2023.  Company Days are held in the Kansas Technology Center from 8:30 a.m. to Noon.  The Automotive Company Day is always held on Wednesday.

Company Day

Automotive Orientation Day

Automotive Orientation Day offers a unique blend of industry related panel discussions with students, as well as an afternoon of informal table displays in a mini career fair environment.

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Company Day

Annual Car Show

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) local chapter hosts at least one Car Show each year.  The Car Show has a low cost registration fee for entries, and viewing the entries is free and open to the public.

Welcome Back BBQ & Car Show

Company Day

SAE Baja

Students who enroll in the special topics Baja course raise money to build, design, and fabricate a car, then compete against other schools from across the globe. Competition consists of: maneuverability, hill climb, sled pull, sales, design, and the endurance race.

Company Day

Christian Automotive Majors (CAM)

The purpose of CAM is to encourage friendships and support for automotive majors who share the Christian faith and a love for cars, motorcycles, tractors, and trucks. The group typically meets twice a month during the school year for Bible study social activities.   The social activities include going to the local drag strip, participating in the PSU SAE car show and several other gatherings.

SkillsUSA with Mike Elder

SkillsUSA and WorldSkills

When someone wants to be the best in the world in automotive technology, they come to train at Pittsburg State University.   See the flier below for the full story about the SkillsUSA national automotive competitors, WorldSkills Competitions, and PSU.

Automotive Technology Scholarships - FAQs
  • Who can apply for an automotive and or diesel scholarship?
  • How do I apply?
  • When is the scholarship application date deadline?
  • Are any other Automotive or Diesel scholarships offered throughout the semester?
  • What is the likelihood of an incoming freshman receiving a scholarship?
  • Can Graduate Students earn automotive or diesel scholarships from the department?
  • What can new students/not yet enrolled student do in order to be considered for scholarships?
  • Are there other places that I can apply for automotive scholarships?
Automotive/Diesel majors are eligible to apply for scholarships. Candidates need to be seeking
  • Bachelors of Science degree in Automotive Technology" (BST) or
  • Bachelors of Applied Science in Technology" with an emphasis in Automotive or Diesel (BAS)
The university has an on-line program, where students can apply for scholarships.
The three items below are required in order to apply on-line:
  • Granted admission into the University
  • Obtain a student identification number
  • Obtain a GUS PIN number

After obtaining a "GUS PIN",  prospective and current students can apply on-line for scholarships using the PSU Scholarship Portal.  Click on the link to complete and submit the application.

Students can also submit a letter of interest to the Automotive Technology Scholarship Coordinator. The letter should contain:

  • The date of your letter
  • Major
  • Class standing (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior)
  • Freshmen should submit a copy of their high school transcript
  • Transfer students should submit a copy of your college transcript and possibly high school transcript
  • New students should mention the date you plan to start attending Pitt State
  • GPA
  • Relevant experience in the automotive or diesel field
  • Special needs or concerns
  • Expected graduation date
  • Current PSU students should include their ID #
  • Statement that you have applied on-line for scholarships
Address Letter To:
Mr. Scott Norman
Dept of Automotive Technology
Pittsburg State University
1701 S Broadway
Pittsburg, KS, 66762
To receive first consideration for a scholarship students must apply by the university deadline, February 1st. The Automotive Technology faculty begin meeting shortly after that deadline to award scholarships for the upcoming academic school year (August through May). These scholarships are presented to the recipients during the April awards banquet.

I missed the deadline, and the scholarships have already been awarded for the academic year. Can I somehow still be considered for a scholarship?

The majority of scholarships are awarded during the February/March time frame. However, at the discretion of the faculty and if funds are still available, candidates might be reviewed again in late July or up until the start of the fall semester. Candidates may send a letter of interest to the scholarship coordinator as listed above and apply on line.
At times the department will have the opportunity to award scholarships throughout the year. Sometimes the department receives funds for scholarships during the academic year that are to be awarded during the same year. Students are urged to apply on-line and submit a letter of interest to the scholarship coordinator.
The Automotive/Diesel Technology Department offers thousands of dollars of scholarships each year. However, on average, the program typically awards the larger scholarships to students who have already demonstrated their commitment towards earning a degree from the automotive technology program. The department does want to award scholarships to incoming freshmen and therefore encourages incoming freshmen to apply for scholarships as described above.
Although students can take some automotive and diesel classes for their Masters degree, we do not offer a Masters degree that is specifically "Automotive Technology". However, it is possible for a graduate student to be awarded a scholarship from the automotive & diesel technology department for extenuating circumstances. For example, if the graduate student did not have the opportunity to participate in a graduate assistantship, but the student has a substantial financial need and has agreed to complete some individual work for the automotive program.
Apply on-line as described above. Note: A student must first apply for admission into the university before they can apply for a scholarship. Therefore, complete the on-line application for admission into the institution, then complete the on-line scholarship scholarship application.